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For example, other fees may be imposed in addition to the down payment, and a security deposit may be required. An extra charge may be imposed at the end of the lease term if your liability (if any) is based on the difference between the residual value of the automobile and its realized value at the end of the lease term.
To calculate a lease payment, start by calculating the net capitalized cost, which is the negotiated selling price minus any down payment or other credits, like a trade-in. Next, determine the residual value of the car at the end of the lease by multiplying the sticker price of the car by the percentage to find the residual value.
How to calculate a car lease payment. You may need to know how the car lease payment is calculated before you make a decision to finance, lease or lease take over a car. When you lease a car, you pay to use a vehicle for a specific period of time. A leasing company buys the vehicle from your dealer before leasing it out the client.

Let us take the example of John, who is planning to buy a car on lease. The lease will be for a period of 36 months and charged an annual interest rate of 6%. John managed to negotiate the selling price to be $26,000 with a down payment of $4,000 and an outstanding loan balance of $5,000.
When you lease a car, your interest payments are calculated as a percentage of the depreciation of the vehicle, the decrease in your car’s value. If your vehicle depreciates $10,000 over a three year lease, and your interest rate is 5%, you’ll be paying $13.88 a month in interest on a consistent monthly basis.
Finally, when the lease has run its course, the individual simply returns the car to the dealer and selects another one to lease. A car lease will extend for a term anywhere from two to four years. At the end of the lease, the return of the car to the dealer is simple and straightforward.

The Lease Calculator can be used to calculate the monthly payment or the effective interest rate on a lease. If the interest rate is known, use the “Fixed Rate” tab to calculate the monthly payment. If the monthly payment is known, use the “Fixed Pay” tab to calculate the effective interest rate.
While down payments on a car lease tend to be lower than down payments on a car purchase, some down payment is usually required. On most car lease deals, the down payment ranges from $0 to $3,000. If you’re not taking advantage of a lease deal, the down payment may be more flexible, but the more money you put down, the lower your monthly.
Before you decide to lease a car, you should calculate your monthly expenses and check if your lease payments have any impact on utility bills. Put some money aside for emergencies. Many car dealers will make every effort to move your thoughts from the purchase price and to the lease payments.

A car lease allows a person to drive a car for a fixed period of time as they make a down payment as well as monthly lease payments until the lease ends. It can help to think of a car lease as a long-term car rental; while car rentals generally last for as little as a day or even just a few hours, car leases average between two and four years.
Use this auto lease calculator to estimate what your car lease will really cost. Enter the car’s MSRP, final negotiated price, down payment, sales tax, length of the lease, new car lending rate.
This free online lease calculator will calculate a car lease payment and give you a breakdown of how much of each payment will be going to depreciation, leasing fees, and sales taxes. Plus, the calculated results include a lease cost chart showing you the breakdown of the total lease, depreciation, and sales tax costs for the term of the lease.

Free car lease payment calculator – calculate your monthly lease payment. Get accurate auto lease payment pricing on any car at Edmunds.
Simple Lease Payment Example. Suppose a business (lessee) wants to lease an asset costing 20,000. The finance company (lessor) offers to lease the asset to the business in return for monthly payments at the end of each month, over a term of 3 years, at a lease interest rate of 6%. The monthly lease payment (Pmt) is calculates as follows:
Ending the car lease early will also incur costs: although the vehicle’s loss of value is spread across the lease term, the rate at which vehicles depreciate is significantly higher at the start of the lease. If you break the lease, you pay this difference retroactively.

For example, suppose you negotiate a deal to purchase a new car for $19,055. You have a down payment and your old car to trade-in, and you qualify for a customer cash rebate. You plan to finance the rest of the cost with an auto loan.
Estimate your monthly payments with’s car loan calculator and see how factors like loan term, down payment and interest rate affect payments.
Now let’s take a look at how each part of the lease payment is calculated 1. Depreciation The depreciation cost is actually the largest portion of your lease payment. It’s easy to calculate: (Capitalized Cost – Residual) ÷ Term of Lease. Remember, Capitalized Cost is the negotiated selling price of the car.

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