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Car drives straight under even throttle but pulls hard to the right when accelerating. Car stops in a nice straight line under braking so Im very confused. Replaced Wishbones and track rod ends and there doesnt appear to be any visible play in other suspension components but havent checked ARBs or drop links yet.

Car pulls to the right when accelerating.
The vehicle in question is a front-wheel drive. FWDs are sensitive to front wheel alignment, since the front suspension and wheel linkages work under different conditions when accelerating and not accelerating: on acceleration, the wheels push backwards on the road, thus tend to move the front suspension forwards relative to the vehicle.
If Your Car Is Pulling to One Side, Bring It to Us. We want your car to be in tip top shape. If you find yourself heading left or right, head right to us. We’ll diagnose and fix the problem, getting you back on the road in a car that will go the direction you want. I Need Some Help With My Car. View all blogs
Why does my car pull to the left? It’s a Ford Mondeo if that’s relevant. I’ve checked the tyre pressure & it’s the same in each wheel, & the wheels are all balanced, but I have to force & hold the steering wheel to the right the whole time just to stay in a straight line, otherwise the car veers sharply to the left.

*** Car Pull to Right When Accelerating *** Jump to Latest Follow. whenever i hit the gas my car pulls to the right and my alignmnet is dead on.. Pulls to the right while driving but when I engage the clutch to neutral it goes away and glides like an arrow. Let the clutch out and mildly tap the gas (even in 6th) it pulls to the right.
The car pulls hard when accelerating and then seems to pull back the other direction after a few seconds. Feels like the wind is blowing the car off track every time I accelerate. My car has 140000 miles. My car has an automatic transmission.
The car is always pulling to the left at least a little bit. The faster I’m going the more it pulls, same for the harder I accelerate. Today however I noticed cruising at 80 on a smooth road with my hands on the wheel so it can’t pull, at times I can feel the front end going to the left for a few seconds.. then the right.. then the left.. etc.

just started noticing in the past week or so that under acceleration in any gear and on any road surface, crowned or not, the car pulls left. consequently, if i accelerate and steer slightly right to keep the car going straight, the car jolts to the right when i lift off the gas (due to the steering input to keep it straight while accelerating).
Luckily, a car that pulls to the right or left is usually easy enough to diagnose and fix. How your suspension system works. Your tires, shock absorbers and struts are what keep your vehicle comfortable while you drive over bumps and potholes, and help keep your car running in sync.
Throughout a car’s lifetime, most of the suspension system will need replacing. As the parts become worn, they often cause the car to pull to the left or right as they shift or lean to one side. Car Pulls To One Side When Accelerating

This action is known as torque steer and it defines the moment in which your car slowly pulls to one side only when you are accelerating or using the throttle. There are also several reasons why your car is doing so, but first you should make sure it is not an alignment problem by putting your car in neutral and leave it to coast.
Car pulling to the left while accelerating and to the right while decelerating. Jump to Latest Follow 1 – 20 of 20 Posts. M. Decided to get it aligned…well within 5 minutes of driving out of Town fair…boom car comes right out of alignment while accelerating.
again, the car pulls to side when I give it any kind of gas not just when I floor it.. I didnt say “it pulls all the time to left or right”.. I said it pulls when accelerating. I can almost feel one of the axles pulling harder than the other which in turn pulls the car over one way. its always the same way also.

This is when a car that has power to the front wheels will pull to one side or another during heavy acceleration. This is caused by the fact that the drive axle on the driver side of the vehicle can be shorter or longer than that of the drive axle on the passenger side of the vehicle.
I have a Hybrid limited with 1K miles, and I noticed that when accelerating the car pulls to the right (especially during hard acceleration). Anyone else experience this or know what can cause this? I haven’t taken it in yet to the dealer. Another question – I am trying to activate Connected…
I finally got the car back together and when i tested it out today i noticed that it pulls hard to the right when hard accelerating. It was never this bad before. If i drive very slow the Xo-1 will turn left and right evenly and normal but as soon as i accelerate hard the car will pull to the right. If i turn hard to the left while accelerating the car will turn normal and hard.

I have noticed while on the freeway when I accelerate the car pulls to the right and upon deceleration the car pulls to the left. The same is true when using the cruise control or when cutting off the cruise control. Has anyone else experienced this phenomenon? I have a service visit scheduled for next month where they will take a look.
Car pulls to right when accelerating?. Since it was the left tire, it will cause the car to pull to the right, not only on acceleration, but at all times. A good tire tech can feel the tire and tell if its tread is separating. It’s hard to see it, but I can feel it. It’s much like a tapered Styrofoam coffee cup.
The tyre dude said this was the cause as the passenger side was gripping more than the drivers and thus the car pulled to the right under hard acceleration. I’ve had the drivers side tyre changed and it no longer pulls to the right

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